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Our loved ones are part of us forever, so we understand how important the decision is to find a special place to honor them. Whether you decide on cremation or traditional burial , All Faith’s offers many options. All Faith’s difference is we are the only private, family owned mausoleum cemetery in Cambria or Somerset counties.

Mausoleum Entombment

Currently we have 230 crypts available for families who desire an Indoor “Chapel East or West” or Outdoor “Garden East or West” settings. A crypt is a place that houses a casket and serves as an accessible place to honor the life they lived.

Indoor Niche Spaces

A niche is a space to keep cremated remains, it is a dignified place for your loved ones.

Outdoor Columbariums

Columbariums are outdoor spaces to hold Urns for those who choose cremation.  All Faith’s focus is to create distinct features on the grounds that offer families a place to honor the ones they love. Our plans include over 50 different designs that will creatively fit within our cemetery property. To view these plans click the below link for a printable PDF form.

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